Staying Positive

In a world filled with false news, social media wars and negative co workers I ask myself, How do I stay positive? Do you find yourself in the same situation day in and day out trying not to fall into the slumps of negativity?

I am here to give you some insight on what helps me stay positive through out the daily grind of having to be around negative thinkers and social media pollution.

Every morning my alarm goes off and here I am starring at the ceiling thinking to myself, How am  I going to get up and face another day? My mind floods with all the negativity from the previous day. All the co workers with their sad stories and customers with their problems it just continues to grow until I can feel the weight of it all on my chest.

I begin to roll out of bed go do my morning routines. As I was brushing my teeth I thought to myself this can’t be how my life will be everyday! I have to change this. This can’t be what my 30s is going to look like. Everyday psyching myself out of getting out of bed and doing it all over again.

First thing I learned is to some what control my mind. Being honest the mind is its own work of art and can only be stirred a certain way not completely controlled. I had to learn how to silence my mind and ground myself. It is not the normal guided meditation and green tea fix. When I wake up I change my thinking. I tell myself these key things everyday: I am a positive force. I am a good person. I deserve happiness. Everyday either as soon as I wake up or as I am getting ready for work I tell myself these things. This is my time to center myself. I take three deep breaths while I say or think these three sentences.

I know some of you have kids and busy busy mornings. You might feel tired before you even get out of bed. You still need time for yourself. Even if its five minutes and you have to lock yourself up somewhere are stay in the bathroom a little bit longer. Do it! Your health is more important then what ever is going on at that time. Unless your kids are destroying something or something is on fire. Have good judgement.

Breathing exercises is a must. I know it may sound silly but it is the number one thing that brings me back to focus through out the day. We live in busy cities, in busy house holds and in busy work life. We have emails, social media, phone calls all 0ccurring through out the day and sometimes at the same time. When you find yourself feeling kinda scatter brain or feeling like you want to pull your hair out. Close your eyes take a deep breath in hold it for 3 seconds or so and let it alllllllll out. Continue to do so about 3 times. I find on the third inhale and exhale my mind has settled down a notch. Sometimes I go back to my three sentences to remind me what my goal is and that I am not the negative words or actions that others might display towards me.

Now we have our three sentences and breathing technique down to keep us focused and grounded. What do we do about the tiredness that drags negative feelings or thoughts with it? What about that co worker that wont shut up about his or her crappy life or the one that has it all and is on top of the world? We shut them off in our head. It is like a day dream  I go into when some one is blah blah their crap all over me. I shut it down in my head. I find positive things to focus on. I tend to turn the story into something positive as well that normally shuts them up.

So you have a co worker or a person in general always complaining. Always singing the same old song and it drains you to listen to it day in and day out but you are to nice or it might offend them if you tell them to shut up. So here is what I do in those situations. I ask them, What steps are you going to take to solve these problems in your life? Normally I get a blank stare from the other person. Or I try to help them out instead of letting them pound into me. I give them positive feed back. For some people this has helped them out. They get excited and are now happy that I gave a positive answer . The ones that you can not help You must remove yourself from them. I know it could be your parent, your best friend or even your spouse. You have to tell them, Hey I understand things are not going your way but it will get better for you. I can not have this negativity in my life anymore. I have enough! They will get mad at you. They might even splat out more negative crap at you but they are now mindful that you will not hear their bullshit anymore and that is what is important.


Social media. Just do yourself a favor and do not comment on that post makes you mad. Unfollow, unfriend it or give yourself a break from it. Your happiness is not worth the frustration, anger and negativity social media can some times bring. You are putting energy into something that will give back nothing. It is a black hole that will drain you if you allow it. You do not have to give up that energy. Your energy is sacred. You need to put it in to good use not drain it on a post that is meaningless. You will not change the world by posting or commenting your views on social media. It is a black hole.

You mad about something and it got you worked up! Go for a walk. Go get out of the environment for a few minutes or all day. What ever it takes. Work out. Do some cardio. Cook a meal. Meditate for a while. Evaluate what has you upset and find positive tools that will help you over come it. I know this all sounds so simple. Oh, go for a walk right that will solve my problems. Not right away. You know how many time outs I have taken to get my mind to be able to detach from negative situations? A whole lot of walks, a whole lot of breathing, a whole lot of cooking. This is not an over night fixer. This is me just giving you some insight on what keeps me positive. What keeps me from staying put and focused.

Your mind, your heart and your soul is important to you. It is survival techniques that you need to put in motion to keep yourself sane and going. You are the positive force. You are happy. You are a good person. The more you let it out the better your life will become. People will be drown to that energy. They either will walk away from you because you are not feeding into them or they will change because you made them see something other then negative thoughts or actions.

Thank you for taking your valuable time out and reading this. I hope it brings you some peace of mind.


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